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 ok the Clear is going to Begin

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PostSubject: ok the Clear is going to Begin   Sat 08 Dec 2007, 13:50

ok all the Clear is going to Begin 15th December.. you all have 1 week in wich to start being Active & staying there. for the Young ones we will allow time away & yes we know who your are.

so be prepared to be kicked out of any the of JUSTICE Guilds, we are not hold on to DEAD WOOD any longer,sorry but this is true, we have carried the DEAD WOOD to long.

JusticeII with its new leader will be moving its Members into Justice, JusticeIII & JusticeIV.... with this happening & then the Closing of JusticeII, we will be making Further chages to the guilds in a good way.

how i hear you ask, well this is simple, Justice will stay the same for now, but JusticeIII will become the New JusticeII & JusticeIV will become JusticeIII, the members of the 2 guilds Justice 3 & 4 you do not have to worry about a thing as the leaders will be making all the changes.
the only thing these 2 Guilds need to do is sit back & enjoy the ride....LOL

i would just like to finish by saying a Big Thankyou to Maiw for stepping into the Rescue on JusticeII & then Handing the Leadership over to Mageinhiding.... ty very much for this Maiw


My Toons are

Olaf LVL 46 Bezerker Server Burmhart

ColtersPet LVL 35 Sorcerer Server Burmhart

Lucylu LVL 15 Ele Server Burmhart
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PostSubject: Re: ok the Clear is going to Begin   Sun 09 Dec 2007, 12:32

I am glad i could help Smile
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ok the Clear is going to Begin
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