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 Hello from "Mature" gamer

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Age : 56
Location : Noumea New Caledonia
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PostSubject: Hello from "Mature" gamer   Tue 13 Nov 2007, 03:35

Hi mates! I'm a man, mature gamer, 44 old! Twisted Evil
I come from New Caledonia in south pacific, a French territory near east coat to Australia, a island with a cigar shape sunny
I'm addicted to on line games: playing long time: America's Army Ops, Entropia Universe , L2, CS ... etc affraid

I hope I have good time with you in ArchLord also!

If you need help ask Fleetwood, coz I'm free for friend's... cheers
cya IG mates...

It's better to live one day as a Tiger than a year as a Donkey! Lao Tse Twisted Evil

Fleetwood : Ranger lv 3x Brumhart server
PS: Ho I forget it this: my time is GMT +11

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Location : Illinois, USA
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PostSubject: Re: Hello from "Mature" gamer   Tue 13 Nov 2007, 11:35

Welcome to the guild. Always a pleasure to meet someone new. And you're almost as old as I am. I'm a gamer too, just I been playing stand-alone games till a few years ago. I have played Guild Wars Factions and Nightfall. I also dabbled recently in Lineage 2. Jury still out on that one. Totally different controls, looks cool though. Anyways enjoy your new guild hopefully we canhook up sometime. I have characters in different level ranges up to 56, so unless you're really high - which would be great- I thinkI can party with you somehow somewhere someway. Smile
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Location : Sunny Oueensland - Australia
Registration date : 2007-08-28

PostSubject: Re: Hello from "Mature" gamer   Tue 13 Nov 2007, 13:38

Hey Fleetwood. Glad to hear there is someone out there a little closer to my time zone. Laughing Im in Australia so........ GMT +10. Not quite as old as you but old enough all the same Very Happy. I have chars on all 3 Unionised Justice guilds, from a lvl 25 through to a 52. If you need anything just give a shout. jocolor
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PostSubject: Re: Hello from "Mature" gamer   

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Hello from "Mature" gamer
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